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AGA Builds New Hydrogen Gas Factory for Delivery to Sandvik

AGA Gas AB and Sandvik have signed a long-term contract for hydrogen gas supply to several of Sandvik’s production units in Sweden.

Hydrogen gas is used for thermotherapy within Sandvik’s manufacturing processes. AGA will distribute hydrogen gas via loading platform deliveries to five facilities and via pipelines to production facilities in Sandviken. The contract means that during the period 2012/2013 AGA will build a facility for production of hydrogen gas within AGA’s industrial estate in Sandviken with a pipeline to Sandvik.

“Sandvik’s foremost priorities are a safe and effective logistical and manufacturing process, which among other things means demands for safe, cost-effective products and deliveries. We have a good and long-term cooperation with AGA where our high demands are met,” says Lars S Andersson, Category Manager, Sandvik Materials Technology.

”AGA is proud of the trust and the increased cooperation that effectively guarantees a long-range solution to Sandvik’s hydrogen gas needs,” says Stefan Peterson, Marketing Director, AGA Gas AB.

For more information please contact:
Stefan Peterson, Marketing Director AGA Gas AB, stefan.peterson@se.aga.com, +46 705 177495
Per Hårderup, Key Accounts/Tonnage, AGA Gas AB, per.harderup@se.aga.com, +46 706 96 9660