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Ship Building

Combining the benefits of global delivery capabilities with tailored consulting

The shipbuilding industry faces stiff cost competition. Many manufacturers have already migrated to lower-cost countries, making it all the more important to have a gas partner with global solution delivery capabilities.

At the same time, productivity and quality remain key success factors in shipbuilding. Innovative gas-enabled welding technologies can, for example, improve quality and save significant amounts of time and money, by reducing the effects of weld distortion.

Experience counts

We deliver a wide variety of applications to enhance ship fabrication. These have been shown to enhance quality and improve productivity. We also deliver the process innovations required to make high-strength steel, which is increasingly used for double-walled tankers in the fast-growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping business, for instance. Regardless of your individual needs, we have an extensive network of application engineers to help you find the solution that best meets your productivity, quality and cost requirements. We back up our extensive product, equipment and supply system portfolio with a wide service offering. This includes safety training to ensure that all the gases you need are installed and handled properly. In addition, you can always rely on us for global delivery capabilities.

Highlights of our ship building offering include

* Customised cutting and heating solutions.
  • Welding and cutting – everything you need for large-scale welding and cutting operations:
    • Gases – oxygen, nitrogen, air and argon plus shielding gases
    • Fuel gases for oxyfuel cutting
    • Laser assist and lasing gases for laser cutting, pure gases and mixtures for plasma cutting
  • Equipment – welding torches and regulators; welding fillers and wire
  • Laser – wide range of laser gases and equipment for all industrial laser applications.
  • Coating – acetylene and propylene for thermal spraying of engineering and structural parts.
  • Heat treatment – expertise, gases and equipment for ship component manufacturers.

Ship Building