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AGA's new cylinder rack approved for lift

AGA's current standard rack for storage and transportation of gas cylinders are not built or approved to use as lifting device, i.e., lifting should not be done by using the rack. Along with the filled cylinders the rack weight can be as much as 1000 kg and improper handling can cause accidents.

As a complement, and for increased safety, AGA will launch also a rack which is approved as lifting device. The first racks of this kind will be in use early next year. They will then be marked up to show that they are certified as lifting device.

For lifting standard racks AGA recommends that forklift or other approved lifting device is used. Although it is allowed to use the standard rack as lifting device to a maximum of 1.5 meters, do it always under controlled conditions. As for example when lifting racks with cylinders to and from a truck platform.