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Tank for LNG under construction

In Nynäshamn the first Swedish terminal for LNG, liquefied natural gas, is under construction. The casting of the tank ran continuously during ten days and was completed by August 15.

The terminal will be in operation in spring 2011 and will reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and particulates, by replacing oil with natural gas as fuel. Natural gas also stimulates the transition to biogas in central Sweden.

The LNG terminal is the first of its kind around the Baltic Sea. It have been designed and constructed by CRYO AB and cast by NCC.

“The concrete casting was very successful,” says project manager Kari Elliot. Tank height is 36.6 meters, diameter 37.5 meters, total weight 12 190 tonnes and the volume 20 000 cubic meters. Its wall consists of concrete, 0.8 m, 1.2 m perlite and 12 mm steel.


Tank for LNG under construction - Contact

Kari Elliiot
+46 8 706 10 36