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Dan Cake first in the world to implement new award-winning cryogenic freezer from AGA-Linde

Danish food manufacturer Dan Cake is the first in the world to implement the new breakthrough cryogenic freezer, CRYOLINE® XF from AGA-Linde. CRYOLINE® XF has the largest freezing capacity of any cryogenic freezer on the market today, outmatching mechanical freezers on all levels.

In autumn 2011, Dan Cake, the largest producer of cakes, swiss rolls and muffins in Scandinavia, faced an important business decision in relation to expanding their activities into the market for frozen premium bakery products. A precondition for the freezing of the premium products was to maintain food quality. Furthermore, the expectations were to future-proof increasing production demand while maintaining a smooth and profitable business operation. Dan Cake demanded a relatively low cost investment - and premium products to be tested, results approved and the freezer installed and ready for use in a very short period of time.

According to Dan Cake, product quality is crucial: “We constantly seek to optimize and improve on our qualities and benchmark our premium products against the baker’s cakes – nothing less,” says Harald Kjærgaard, Sales and Marketing Director at Dan Cake. “We are passionate about food and product quality and it is important to us that the consumer always gets a good experience when tasting a Dan Cake product.”

CRYOLINE® XF for the enhancement of food processing and productivity at Dan Cake
Upon successful testing of the freezing process and the quality of the frozen products, Dan Cake decided to contract with AGA-Linde and implement the brand new spiral freezer in their production.
The CRYOLINE® XF, awarded the prestigious Innovation Award at the CFIA Food Fair 2011 in France, is a high-performance spiral freezer built for relatively large production capacities – from 2,000 to 10,000 kg per hour. Patented CRYOLINE® XF technology is twice as powerful as standard cryogenic spiral freezers. In addition, this freezer has a smaller footprint – only 5 x 8 metres – a higher production capacity and a higher efficiency than existing cryogenic spiral freezers.

"The CRYOLINE® XF freezer allows us to freeze more products per hour and utilise one-third less of the footprint compared to existing cryogenic freezers. And compared to mechanical freezers, the benefits are even greater concerning high capacity freezing in relation to footprint," explains Flemming Kay, Market Manager for Food at AGA-Linde in Denmark. “Today Dan Cake is future-proof regarding increasing production volumes; their new CRYOLINE® freezer is capable of freezing more than double of what their current ovens and production lines can turn out,” says Flemming Kay.

From order to production in a minimum of time
Dan Cake chose the cryogenic technology, based on liquid nitrogen, which offered superior product quality compared to a mechanical freezer. It demanded a relatively low investment cost and could be delivered, assembled and installed in a minimum of time: from order in the first week of December 2011 the freezer was ready for production in the second week of January 2012.

“We needed a freezing solution in place within a very short period of time - and the freezer ready for production,” says Per Bertram, Food Technology and Maintenance at Dan Cake. “I was a bit reluctant to believe that we could succeed but we managed within the time frame. From the time the freezer was delivered – practically all assembled in one piece - and placed in our production area, less than 12 hours went by before the freezer was ready for testing.”

CRYOLINE® cross-flow technology reduces freezing time and improves cryogenic efficiency
The unique design of the CRYOLINE® XF spiral freezer uses proprietary, advanced cross-flow technology to substantially reduce freezing time and improve cryogenic efficiency, while reducing overall freezer size. It provides twice the heat transfer rate of existing spiral freezers by covering nearly 100 percent of the belt freezing surface area with a high-velocity gas flow.

The production facilities at Dan Cake in Denmark were the first in the world to implement AGA-Lindes newly launched series CRYOLINE® XF freezer. This allows Dan Cake to develop bakery and premium products that require delicate production technology and handling, e.g. for cakes with ornaments such as custard, crème and icing with sprinkles, shredded coconut or nuts.

The CRYOLINE® XF is the perfect choice not only for bakery products, but for a wide range of high-quality food products: meat proteins, ready meals, seafood, etc. It is also suitable for the most difficult high-temperature and high­moisture products, such as cooked poultry, seafood and prepared meals. Cryogenic freezing allows for a very low operating temperature and thus a very fast freezing action. This preserves the quality and shape of the product, and provides increased product yield. CRYOLINE® systems are simple to use. They have fewer moving parts than, for example, a mechanical freezer, and thus less need for maintenance. Because of the simplicity of design, stainless steel construction and accessibility of parts, CRYOLINE® systems are hygienic and easy to clean.

About Dan Cake
The Danish company Dan Cake is the largest producer of family size sponge cakes, swiss rolls and muffins in Scandinavia. The assortment covers a wide field and consists of many interesting and tasty cakes that are sold in Scandinavia as well as the rest of the world. Dan Cake strives to develop new products that follow the latest trends and live up to demands from both consumers and retailers. In this connection Dan Cake has recently launched a range of premium and small convenience products. For more information, visit www.dancake.dk

Flemming Kay
Market Manager Food Denmark
Telephone +45 32 83 66 00/Mobile +45 40 54 99 10
E-mail: flemming.kay@dk.aga.com
Dan Cake first in the world to implement new award-winning cryogenic freezer from AGA-Linde

Dan Cake first in the world to implement new award-winning cryogenic freezer from AGA-Linde