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Nordic survey about grilling

AGA in Norway, Finland and Sweden conducted a survey in each country (together with research company InFact) about people’s attitudes towards grilling, knowledge about propane and safety.

3027 respondents answered various regarding propane, grilling and safety in the period of 28. April – 3. May.
  • 1.004 respondents from Norway
  • 1.017 respondents from Sweden
  • 1.006 respondents from Finland

Results were interesting:
  • Swedes are the most democratic in the Nordics: Who’s in charge on the grill at your house?
    An astounding 62% of the Swedes are saying that both men and women share on using the grill at home. Whilst more than 45% of the respondents in Norway and Finland says the man are in charge.

  • Most Scandinavians use propane on their grill.
    Although again, the Swedes stand out: 11% of Swedes use propane in their caravan
    21% of the Finns and 18% of the Norwegians use propane in their cabins.

  • Scandinavians have great knowledge when it comes to propane safety.
    When asked about the “Propane safety rules”, most people answered correctly on the alternatives pointed out to them.

  • Most Scandinavians are also checking their propane equipment regularly.
    76% of the Finns, 66% of the Swedes and 69% of the Norwegians check their equipment at least once a year. (Can be put together with previous point on propane safety)
    However, 12% of the Swedes claim they check their equipment, less than every other year. (7% of Swedes also claim they never check their equipment – compared to 5% of Norwegians and 3% of the Finns)
Nordic survey about grilling