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AGA’s central gas supply system in Lappeenranta University of Technology

AGA announced an agreement with Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) for the installation of a major central gas supply system at the University’s recently renovated multi-story research laboratory of chemical engineering and separation technology.

“Almost all Finnish universities are our customers. We install them gas distribution systems, we offer them our service and deliver all the necessary gases,” says Jouni Ilvonen, AGA Specialty Gases Product Manager in Finland.

The central gas system in Lappeenranta is representing the largest installation of its kind in Finland, is part of REDLINE specialty gases equipment product range. The system consists of approximately three kilometre long gas pipeline and specialty gases are delivered from gas distribution unit to number of destinations on six floors.

“This is an important contract not only in Finland, but also across the Nordic region. Lappeenranta University of Technology has invested heavily in their new laboratory facilities and it is testament to both our technology leadership in the area of managing the transportation of high purity gases and to our design and engineering capabilities, that Lappeenranta awarded us this project,” says Stephen Harrison, Head of Specialty Gases and Specialty Equipment at Linde.

One of the strengths of the system is that it’s easy to use. Having one central gas system installation in big research laboratory is more effective than using small cylinders in many users points. Central gas system distributes gas directly to points of use saving time and energy delivering gas cylinders to different floors, but also gives staff more time to focus on their work.

In central gas system the pressure of the gas remains stable avoiding occasional impurities when exchanging the cylinders and keeping the cylinders away from workplaces increasing people’s safety.

Lappeenranta is one of Finland’s leading science and technology education facility, and the installation will help enable cutting edge research into the areas of welding technology for metals and the latest chemical and separation technology sciences for the process industries.

Additional information:

Jouni Ilvonen
Phone. +358 10 242 0217
E-mail: jouni.ilvonen@fi.aga.com
AGA’s central gas supply system in Lappeenranta University of Technology