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With a nose for safety

You can’t see it, you can’t hear it, but you can smell it. With ODOROX odorized oxygen, AGA makes sure that any oxygen leakage will be detected instantly and contributes to a safer working environment. All you need is your nose.

Any oxygen leakage presents some kind of danger. Usually it is hard to detect. AGA AS has developed ODOROX odorized oxygen to avoid this danger. ODOROX has a clearly detectable odour to warn you of potential leaks and dangerous accumulations of oxygen.
- Safety comes first for us in AGA , Product Manager Nils Stenbacka says. – High concentrations of oxygen can be dangerous. Accumulations of oxygen can be very combustible – even clothing that is regarded as non-flammable can catch fire in special conditions, Stenbacka stresses.

Ingeniously simple

ODOROX works as a warning system that gives you an early warning that a leakage has occurred.
- The advantage of this system lies in its simplicity – all you need is a functioning nose, Stenbacka explains. ODOROX odorized oxygen contains small amounts of dimethyl suphide (DMS) which alerts with its highly distinctive smell when the oxygen level rises by as little as 1%.

Around one out of ten metal-working companies have experienced an incident related to excessive oxygen concentrations with circumstances varying from unpredictable leakage to misuse. So the advantages of adding an odour to the gas is apparent.

- One should not underestimate the dangers of oxygen leakage, Stenbacka says. – Even when working outdoors or in windy conditions oxygen can accumulate in the fibres of combustible fabrics where it can remain undetected for a long time. All it takes is a spark, and you might have an accident on your hands.

has been thoroughly tested over a long period of time, and has been available to AGAs customers with great success. By taking up this product, with its obvious safety benefits, companies demonstrate an increased awareness of the personal, social and economic implications if enhancing the safety of the working environment.


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ODOROX - with a nose for safety

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