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Higher quality and gas savings with PROSAVER® regulator

PROSAVER® regulator is a newly developed gas cylinder regulator which regulates the cylinder pressure to a much more steady and stable gas flow. In the long run this means less gas consumption and higher quality in the welding process.

PROSAVER® regulator is a gas regulator with a built-in gas saving function and flow meter. PROSAVER® regulator reduces the excess gas discharge at the start of the weld cycle, which is money saved.

The PROSAVER® regulator reduces the cylinder pressure in two steps to a constant working pressure of 2, 5 bar. The gas flow can be adjusted between the ranges of 2 to 30 litres per minute. The gas flow setting on the regulator is constant and unaffected as the gas cylinder is emptied. PROSAVER® regulator can be used for argon and argon mixtures including MISON® shielding gases. PROSAVER® regulator is recommended for advanced welding where the demand for quality, accuracy and economy is crucial.

For more information, please contact:

Mikael Glenndahl
Product manager
Email: mikael.glenndahl@se.aga.com
Higher quality and gas savings with PROSAVER® regulator