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Frozen Norwegians demand propane

This winter several stores could inform us that they are running out of electric heaters. Now it’s not just electric and oil-fuelled ovens, more and more Norwegians have discovered portable propane heaters, and sales have sky rocketed. As electricity gets more expensive, heating by propane seems to be a sensible way to go.
- We are experiencing more challenges delivering propane this winter than we have on the most hectic days during the popular grilling season, Morten Roness in AGA says.

Norway has experienced a very cold winter this year, and according to Statnett, a new record in electric consumption was reached January 6 – 24 million KW hours were spent during 8 a.m and 9 a.m that morning.

The extreme cold has led to electric ovens actually have become scarce. Manager in Futur, Petter Lein, reports of selling twice as many propane heated ovens than usual. – We deliver portable propane heaters, and have never experienced such a demand. For the first time we’re out of portable heaters, he explains.

Massive sales in grocery stores
Even in grocery stores the cold have had an impact. On Rema 1000 on Ryen in Oslo, store manager Svein Erik Eidsmo tells us that they are selling more than twice as many propane bottles than usual. – Propane is not really a product associated with grocery stores, but still we sold three bottles a day during the worst cold period. Usually we only sell one bottle a day, Eidsmo informs. – I had to use propane heating myself this winter, he smiles.

Sales manager, AGA, Morten Roness confirms that the extreme cold we’ve had lately has led to a considerable increase in propane sales. – We have been extremely busy in the past few weeks, Roness says. – We’ve had an increase in sales of more than 30 % compared to last year. But we could have reached an increase of 50 % if we could meet the extreme demand! Apparently it’s not just traditional electric ovens out there, but people have been using anything they can get their hands on that can heat up their house, Roness concludes.

For further information, contact:

Morten Roness
Salgssjef Propan, AGA
Tlf: 22 02 76 54
E-Mail: morten.roness@no.aga.com
Petter Lein
Daglig Leder, Futur
Tlf: 906 94 730
E-Mail: petter@futur.no
Svein Erik Eidsmo
Daglig leder Rema 1000, Ryen
Mobil: 908 65 228
E-Mail: ryen@rema.no
Knut Narvestad
Zpiker PR
Telefon: 992 39 711
E-mail: knut@zpiker.no