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AGA celebrates the arrival of AQVIA - AGA’s own brand in sparkling water makers

AQVIATM is a new line of high-quality sparkling water products made by AGA.

The first product to be launched is the AQVIATM Exclusive sparkling water maker. It is a clean cut and stylish machine, in stainless steel with coloured details. Initially, it is launched in four versions: Black, Lime, Crème and Burnt Orange.

Elegant enough to give any kitchen an extra lift, this high quality machine will certainly inspire many consumers to make a stylish addition to their kitchen.

With the fine water we have in the Nordic countries, an increasing number of people are choosing to carbonate their water at home. Bubbles provide extra luxury in everyday life and enhance the food experience. In addition, you save both time and energy - while safeguarding the environment.

The launch of AQVIA
TM comes with an invitation to celebrate everyday success and happiness. And what better way to do that than with carbonated water, clean and healthy, and preferably served in a champagne glass!

AQVIA Exclusive carbonator